Welcome to the website for the Desert Center for Sexuality Awareness (DCSA)!

Founded in 2011, the mission of the DCSA is to provide services to the people of the Coachella Valley and beyond. These public services are to promote sexual health and happiness, to provide sex education to diverse audiences, to create and sustain community, and to expand the awareness of sexual culture through art.

We are a collective of psychotherapists and others who are here to enhance the sexual well being and happiness of our clients in an ethical, safe, and fun environment. We have the Coachella Valley’s only Certified Sex Therapist. Our staff each have very different educations, experiences and training, and methods of treatment, creating a rich and fertile environment for collaboration. One aspect we all share is that we approach treatment from a client-centered, humanistic framework. We offer a variety of programs for men and women and those in between, for everyone from kids to seniors, and for those of any sexual orientation.

Read more about us and our mission, then explore our programs and events.

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